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AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno Says 2012 Was The Year of Losing His Voice

December 19, 2012

The World Famous KROQ

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AWOLNATION spent most of 2012 on the road, which was especially rough on lead singer Aaron Bruno’s voice.

The frontman told CBS Local it becomes hard not to overdo it when you’re trying to connect with a larger crowd.

“I have a tendency to over sing and scream too much,” he said. “Then I have a hard time for the next three shows.”

Not that Bruno’s complaining. The reason for all the vocal strain has to do with the band’s ever-expanding fan-base thanks to festival performances like Austin City Limits in Texas where the band played to a crowd of nearly 40,000.

“It’s one thing to play in front of 400 kids sold out and excited, then all of a sudden it’s 1,000… and then 10 and 20 and then 40 [thousand],” he explained. “It’s hard not to blow out your voice cause you see…

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